Aspen Real Estate Testimonials

Usually a testimonial is a description of a positive experience that someone has been asked to share for the benefit of the ‘testimonee’. With Gary Feldman, it’s a different kind of story. First of all, the notes here are unsolicited. The kind of experience that goes with Gary’s transactions is something people want to talk about. And they do. But more than that, they tell their friends about Gary, voluntarily, and what can we say? It’s become ‘Friends of Gary’. Not only clients staying in touch with Gary, but many of Gary’s clients have formed their own bonds. And in a community such as Aspen/Snowmass this isn’t about ‘networking’. It’s about the kind of trusting relationships necessary in real estate, which is ultimately among the most important of lifestyle and financial decisions.

A Few Choice Words About Gary Feldman...

"Gary, We met many years ago, 7-8 when you spent a day with my husband and I looking at Aspen Real Estate. We ended up buying in Vail, Cordillera actually, and have never looked back. You were great with us, the day you spent. Impressive. Knowledgable. Honest. You connect. 
I am really writing to tell you that your new website, your page is excellent. I really don't know what made me click it, check it out...I am not looking for Real Estate, but..I recalled what a gentleman you were and how good you were at what you did! Not the case for most people in your business. We recently bought a home at the beach in Kiawah Island and it also took great work to find a "YOU"  there, but I eventually did. 
Stay well and good luck."
K.B. Kiawah Island, South Carolina

“He’s not pushy like some other brokers; it felt like he was genuinely offering his assistance, not trying to make a sale.”
“Gary is well respected, honest and moral.”
“He brilliantly handled an extremely difficult negotiation involving litigation.”
“Gary helped my wife and I define what we were looking for.”
“A very clear and literate communicator – by email and by phone.”
“Gary is focused and gives his full attention; I liked him immediately.”
“He’s tech-savvy.”
When you work with Gary, you get assistance from a professional who speaks the language, knows the neighborhoods, is respected by counterparts in the real estate community. And always, your confidence and privacy are respected and guaranteed.