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The Monarch, Parkside 2


Aspen Highlands

54 Exhibition Lane



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Often referred to as Aspen's "back-door", Colorado Highway 82 has been designated as part of the federal government's National Scenic Byway System.

Aspenites know that driving over Independence Pass shaves forty miles off the trip to Denver during the summer season.  The "Pass" as it is locally referred to opens the week before Memorial Day and closes after the first series of heavy snows in October.

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864 Moore Drive, Aspen (Five Trees)


Asking $1,030 per square foot

Sold $1,017 per square foot


523 West Smuggler, Aspen (West End)


Asking $,383 per square foot

Sold $1,243 persquare foot

There are four homes under contract with asking prices greater than $10 million

There are seven homes under contract with asking prices $5 million to $10 million


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Last night I received an invitation to get the new Aspen Shines application for my IPhone from a friend on Facebook.  I downloaded the app, and much to my surprise, it is very useful for locals and visitors alike. 

Features include daily events, lists and recommendations of local restaurants and hot spots, and up to date information on area weather and the airport schedule.

This is a must have for people who live in the area or who are planning a trip to Aspen.

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Since June 1, 2009, six Aspen and Snowmass properties have sold for more than $10 million each.  Leading the way was a $43 million single family residence on Willoughby Way that is the most expensive sale in the USA in 2009.  Joshua & Co. represented both the buy and seller in this transaction.

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715 West Meadow, Aspen




1000 East Hopkins, Unit 5


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Real Estate Sales in August 2009 in Pitkin County declined 65% from the same month last year.  August sales were close to $57 million compared to $160.5 million in the same month last year.  Sales were down 55% from July's total sales of $126.6 million.  July's total include a $43 million sale of a single family home on Willoughby Way in Aspen.  Joshua & Co. represented both sides of the transaction.


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Locals and visitors alike were shocked at the news that the popular eatery, D19 would be closing its doors at the end of the summer season.  However, an announcement was made this week that D19 will be reopening in the space formerly occupied by Mogador and most recently Dish on the Hyman Avenue mall.

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Council not Ready to OK Wheeler Expansion

Aspen City Council will not grant conceptual approval of the Wheeler Opera House's proposed expansion until they see a pro forma and a long-term operations budget for the expanded facility.

The proposal includes a new sub-grade theater, expanded lobbies on the second and third floor, a community meeting room, new offices for Wheeler staff and an affordable housing unit.

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Aspen Highlands Village, Lot 7, Block G


Section 23, Township 9, Range 87


Ridgerun II, Lot 6


Park Place, Unit 202


Park Place, Unit 201


Melton Ranch III, Lot 15


Fasching Haus, Unit 6


Park Place, Unit 101