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When it’s time to sell your property in Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley, pretty much any agent within shouting distance is going to want your listing. It guarantees the agent at least a portion of the transaction commissions and that listing contract is the lifeblood of a realtor’s business. We suggest that you forget all of that and ask yourself one, and only one, question: “who deserves my listing?” That’s the only question in play. And what’s refreshing about that question is that part of the answer is quantifiable. There’s no guesswork involved. Show me some facts. Like how long has the agent worked in the Aspen market? How many properties has the agent handled in your price range? What is the track record and ethical standing of the parent brokerage? What resources can the agent bring to the transaction other than the listing agency? How long are properties represented by this agent on the market, in good economic conditions and in not so good economic conditions?

When you ask these questions and compare the factual answers, you’re well on your way to listing your property with Gary Feldman. 

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