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Whether you prefer mountain or road biking, you won’t run out of options in Aspen. Road warriors can test their skills on the windy mountain roads with incredible scenery, while mountain bikers can ride endless high mountain trails. Owning a luxury home in Aspen, means access to the great outdoors.

Road Biking

If you enjoy road biking, there are several classic Aspen rides including Independence Pass, Castle Creek, and Maroon Creek. For the highest altitude and great views, ride up Independence Pass or Hwy 82 out of Aspen. The best time to ride the pass is in the late spring or early summer before the Pass opens to vehicle traffic. Another great ride is from Aspen to the Maroon Bells via Maroon Creek Road. Maroon Creek is closed to vehicle traffic during the day (except for buses), making it an attractive option. Castle Creek Road provides road riders with another great option and one of the most beautiful areas around Aspen. It is a moderate climb for 13 miles from Aspen to the town of Ashcroft. Stop here to tour the ghost town and have a picnic before enjoying the fantastic descent. 

Mountain Biking

For the mountain bikers, there are great trails in and around Aspen. Sunnyside is a great ride for those looking for an aerobic workout. To access the trail turn right onto Cemetery Lane as you leave Aspen. Parking is 1.1 miles from the turn near the Slaughterhouse Bridge. Also, Snowmass is home to world class mountain biking from cross country to downhill riding via Snowmass Ski Area. The Rim and Tom Blake Trails are great beginner to advanced riding and if you ride them both you can make a nice loop around Snowmass.  Also try the Government Trail which runs all the way from Snowmass to Aspen. Further down valley you'll find Mushroom Rock and Prince Creekin the Carbondale area, which are fantastic areas with multiple mountain bike trails. During the spring and fall seasons, these two areas are great for riding as they tend to be warmer than Aspen. Mushroom Rock is a south facing climb onto a plateau and is appropriate for intermediate to expert riders. The Prince Creek trail network winds through the trees and along Price Creek. Great fun for the whole family!

Looking to rent a road or mountain bike so you can check out some of these great rides? Go no further. The Aspen area has many bike rental shops who can suit your every need including helmet rentals, and various bike gear to purchase.  

Aspen Bike Shops

Aspen Velo – Located on N. Mill Street, Aspen Velo rents mountain bikes, road bikes and comfort bikes. You can make reservation online.  

Four Mountain Sports / D&E – Located in Aspen, Snowmass and Aspen Highlands, Four Mountain Sports rents all types of bicycles and even lets you rent in one location and return in another. Perfect for riding from Aspen to Snowmass.  

Ute City Cycles – With locations in Aspen and Carbondale, Ute City Cycles is a great source for bike rentals.  (970) 963-2500

Basalt Bike and Ski – Located in Willits near the new Whole Foods, this shop has great bike rentals with the easy access of the mid-valley.

Prefer a guided bike tour?  Try Timberline Bike Tours for anything from day trips to hut-to-hut multi-day adventures. A full-service guide outfit for road biking, mountain biking, and cruising.  

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