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Buying the Best of Aspen

Buyers in Aspen are not exactly new to luxury real estate. Which means that they have experienced what it’s like to work with an agent who has one eye on the end of the month and the other eye on his or her exclusive listings. This is not only self-serving, it gives a buyer a completely false picture of the real estate market. It’s also the opposite of working with Gary. Gary isn’t in a rush to sell you a house. He genuinely wants you to be delighted in your residences, as well as the entire process of buying. One reason is that he’s likely to bump into you in town every for years to come. But the real reason is that he listens very well and knows how to combine what might sound like a disparate bundle of needs and wants into suggested properties that fit. Like a glove. It really is a great relationship. It’s understood that Gary’s 30-year track record in Aspen puts him in an excellent position to work with other brokers, to negotiate with them, and to have the listing information you need instantaneously.

Not to be overlooked are the experience and relationships that comes with 30+ years in the market. Knowing every single property in the region. Every one. And at the upper end of the market, knowing those properties intimately. In certain cases, they’re properties that are not listed, indeed not even for sale. However, discrete inquiries in this strata of the market are not uncommon when advanced by Gary, and can lead to satisfying transactions between an interested buyer and the current property owner. 

Finding the right home or property in Aspen takes:

  • Focus
  • Connections
  • Time

Once your desired location is targeted, Gary focuses on your investment parameters, then draws from his wealth of relationships and spend as much time as necessary to help you secure the ideal property. The only thing you need to do to get started is provide information on what you are looking for. Just fill out the contact form and our team will get back to you with property ideas right away!

Work With The Most Trusted Advisors In Aspen Real Estate
In today's fast-paced and highly technical world, it's important to be able to stay connected and in the loop at all times. The Gary Feldman Group offers several options for connecting clients directly to the Aspen real estate market. Let's connect today!